How to Select Web Design Leads That Best Match Your Target Market

One of the greatest features that we offer here at West Leads is the ability to view and select leads that best match your target market. If you haven’t already, take a look at our Leads Database to see our most recently generated web design leads. We include the industry, geographic location, and notes regarding project requirements and our conversations details.

When selecting web design leads that work best for your firm, be sure to use all of these details to your advantage. Some leads may be seeking a project that you don’t specialize in, or are in a country or state that you wish not to do business. Perhaps a contractor isn’t your ideal client, but an attorney is more suited for the work that you do. Take all of these parameters into close consideration when selecting your leads. Not only will you be more satisfied with the conversations you have with our leads, but you may see an even greater return on investment.

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How to Condition Your Web Design Leads to See Your Service Value

One of the greatest aspects in improving your lead conversion rate is helping your prospect see the value in the product or service you’re selling. Our web design leads have shown a motivated interest in purchasing web design services. Below are some great methods to show your value and how you can benefit their business, in turn improving your return on investment.

Case Studies: Show your prospects what you’ve done to help other companies in the past. Offer a discount or additional services free of charge in exchange for the data necessary for a thorough case study, proving to your web design leads that you can help their company.

Quality Support: When web design leads have questions, make sure you’re prompt, thorough and diligent with your support. Showing your leads that you take care of prospective parties goes a long way in gaining their trust and business.

Reviews and Testimonials: Request reviews and testimonials from the businesses you currently work with. By displaying your current client’s satisfaction you can further increase the value of your product or service.

Product Videos: Incorporate the above with a creative product or service video. Providing a quality visual to prospective clients is becoming a standard, especially in the digital design and marketing industry. In fact, due to the high demand there are affordable services that specialize in this alone.




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